Scans and a question about animated gifs...

Can anyone recommend a program/technique to make animated gifs of decent quality but small file size? I've tried Gimp, Microsoft gif animator, and Ulead. I taught myself to make gifs from videos a few days ago and it's driving me nuts! Thanks to LJ's 40kb limit, I have to reduce the color and quality to crap if I want to use them as userpics. I'm new to this so...any tips?

Some scans of photos from back in the day:

Also, I've rescanned this photo huge, here

MV13 part3

More scans from MV13...instead of making new posts, when I add more scans I'll just update here. I'm around halfway through the mag now. If any images aren't working please let me know!

*Update 10/11* 14 pictures added
*Update 10/13* 14 pictures added
*Update 10/15* 10 pictures added *finished*

Monthly VAMPS 13 scans

I've started scanning MV13 and am going to gradually post all of it here. This is my first time scanning something so they aren't perfect and I may rescan's hard to get the pages nice and flat without damaging the book!. I haven't been scanning the pages that are mostly text but anyone wants them I will~
Also, does anyone know where I can upload scans without a size limit?

My first post! ~baby snakes~

Finally, I've decided to make a post...of my baby snakes!  The first is Tierra, a Mexican black kingsnake.  The second is Sienna, a gopher snake.  Tierra's really calm and Sienna has an attitude.  She's fine if you pick her up, but if you reach for her in her cage and hesitate she gets in strike position...and sometimes follows through!  Luckily she's so small it doesn't hurt... 
I have three other snakes (and some millipedes) who I'll post pics of later. 

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